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Things To Do Nearby

Jagaannath Temple

Jagannath Temple is one of the most revered and historical temples of Bareilly. Believed to be built around 200 years ago it is located in front of the Ganga Temple. 

Iskon Temple Bareilly

Iskon Temple is a massive temple with large beautiful grounds and a perfect place for spirituality in serene environs.

Dargarh-E-Ala Hazrat Shrine

The shrine is not only a revered shrine but also a majestic tomb to honour Ahmed Raza Khan also known as Aala Hazrat, a 19th century Islamic scholar, sufi & Urdu poet. 

Phoenix United Mall

The city’s first mall is the perfect spot for some retail therapy.  Housing leading retail brands, the mall also has abundant restaurant & café options.

Fun City

Fun City is one of the region’s biggest amusement parks and offers water park, roller coasters & food options for all ages.